What is iPad Cases 4 Schools?

The CaseBuddy Cases for Schools program is designed to encourage the sale of robust, economical child friendly iPad Cases designed for kids to schools and kindergartens. We recognise the learning potential the iPad has as an educational tool, yet the iPad can be a frail device if mishandled. To encourage its use and the joy it brings children while learning we have the following cases designed for school and kindergarten aged students across Australia. Special educational pricing applies to orders of 5 or more cases made by schools and educational institutions. Discount codes can be obtained from schools@casebuddy.com.au.

Who can get educational pricing?

Any students or staff from public or private schools, kindergartens, childcare institutions, colleges and univeristies. If you are unsure please contact schools@casebuddy.com.au.

How much discount is educational pricing?

Standard single purchases can use the discount 4SCHOOLS and get 10% off at the cart on any item. If you are purchasing 5 items or more please contact schools@casebuddy.com.au and you may qualify for a much larger discount.

Which items qualify?

Anything on the CaseBuddy site will qualify, not just the cases intended for children. Our folio, sleeve and smart cover cases have also been very popular for students, schools and parents. Our sleeve covers are also ideal for co-branding.

Can I get the school emblem on the case?

For small orders recommend sourcing a local printer. For orders over 100 we can organise free co-branding!